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Of Canadian-Argentine origin, Sebastián Javier is a pop wunderkind, a modern-day troubadour winning hearts and turning heads the world over.

Growing up in Buenos Aires, he spent much of his youth immersed in music from across the spectrum and was inspired to channel his passion into performance by such icons as Queen, Michael Jackson and The Beatles. At age 7, Sebastián's musical journey began with vocal lessons and his first foray into songwriting.

Growing up poses a lot of challenges as well know, and Sebastián's confidence and desire to sing was suppressed by school bullies, however, his mom soon recognised the happiness that it brought him and gave him the support and encouragement to keep pursuing his dreams. The turmoil urged a fresh start, and they made the seven thousand mile leap to Canada shortly after.

With an overwhelming desire to create, he took to YouTube as ThatSpanishBoy in his early teens to share his relatable stance on life, young love and his bilingual heritage which began to develop an ever-expanding, loyal and international fanbase. Not before long his passion for music took the wheel once again, and in 2016 he released the well-received debut single Nobody But Us and Spanish language single Sequiré Aqui which he debuted live at his first arena performance at the CCME in Madrid, Spain, opening for pop icon Meghan Trainor.

Sebastián's music has connected with people across the world, garnering millions of hits under his former monicker, Sebastián Olzanski, and not only that, he has connected with them in person during his three world tours. Consistently engaging with his fans, in 2018 he took a step back to address a part of his own story with the worldwide Twitter trend #SelfieForSeb which focused on self-love & self-confidence in young people and aimed to lessen the taboo of mental health issues.

This story continues in 2019 with 'Manicomio', a stadium-sized Latin pop anthem with flavours of R&B, and effortlessly catchy no matter your native tongue. With a South American tour on the horizon and plenty more music to come from his time in studios in Toronto, Los Angeles and Colombia for both his English and Spanish speaking fans; it's Sebastián Javier's year. 


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